Our Top Priority: Our topmost priority is satisfying our customer’s needs by serving gluten free authentic Spanish food.

Our Founder:

Born in Madrid, Spain, Flora Rodríguez had access to the world’s most authentic Spanish food, but she could not enjoy them because of her Celiac Disease diagnosed at an early age. With the help of her mom, Flora set out to find substitutes for things like flour, and even made recipe book of gluten-free Spanish food. Flora’s college years were spent daydreaming of a cuisine of her own with recipes from her beloved recipe book, but couldn’t find the courage. When she and her husband moved to America, Flora made her dreams a reality.


Yes! With the growing popularity of Todo Sin Gluten, costumers have been flowing through our doors. You can either contact us at 459-297-7872 or make a reservation online here.

Absolutely! We take pride in letting everyone with all sorts of dietary restrictions or diets to enjoy our authentic Spanish food. We have vegan, vegetarian, and nut free indicators on our menus items which are all also free of gluten of course.

Yes! We have a Todo Sin Gluten Rewards app based on on a tally system. Press herefor more information

Yes! We are willing to change certain ingredients in our recipes as long as the recipe stays gluten free because Todo Sin Gluten is all about adressing our customers' dietary needs. Fun Fact: We even took the chocolate out of our Chocolate Caliente (hot chocolate) for a customer and replaced it with vanilla creme XD!

"We are all without gluten; we are Todo Sin Gluten"-Our Founder